Reid Software

Bringing a small business into the digital age

How we helped Athens Medical Massage completely modernize their business operations and client experience.


Digital transformation
Strategic planning
Competitor analysis
Systems integration


Digital accounting system
Self-service appointment scheduling
Upgraded point-of-sale system
Staff training


The Challenge

A newly acquired medical massage practice was still reliant on legacy systems. The outdated accounting software was paired with a redundant paper-based record keeping process. Furthermore, appointments could only be booked via phone calls which contributed to the disarray in record management.

Competitor Analysis

We started with an extensive competitor analysis. Our goal was to fully comprehend our client's market standing and identify the potential improvements needed in their digital landscape.

Through in-depth research and methodical analysis, we explored their competitors' online strategies, focusing on their web applications, appointment scheduling systems, and point-of-sale solutions. Our assessment allowed us to pinpoint the key areas that required transformation.


Strategic Planning

With the insights gained from the comprehensive competitor analysis, we crafted an effective strategy to modernize their existing systems, with an emphasis on efficiency, organization, and ease of use.

Digital Transformation

We overhauled their business operations by implementing a self-service online appointment scheduling system and transforming their sales process, both of which significantly improved booking and efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction and boosted revenue.

Additionally, the introduction of a third-party accounting system revolutionized their financial management, resulting in a substantial enrichment of operations.


The Results

This digital transformation completely revolutionized their client experience and internal processes, elevating their business efficiency and ultimately driving significant revenue growth.

Happy users

Reid was pivotal in ushering transformative digital change for our business. Their services brought about significant advancements for us and I can't recommend them enough.

Aaron McAvoy


Athens Medical Massage