Connecting a global network of families and caregivers

How we helped GreatAuPair improve their user experience across all devices

Since 2001, GreatAuPair has helped families connect with qualified caregivers in over 170 countries across the globe. Packed with useful features, has offered a robust SaaS package for almost two decades.

We were tasked with creating a brand new front end for the customer facing product. Completely redesigning an existing software platform was both challenging and exciting.

We established clear information hierarchy and streamlined common workflows to help users get things done faster.

Through extensive testing, user surveys and interviews with key staff and stakeholders, we were able to distill the core essence of the app, resulting in lean, optimized user workflows.

We developed a unified design style to establish visual consistency.

By defining a visual framework early in the process, we were free to create rapid prototypes and UI concepts for frequent review and testing.

We built a 100% responsive front end, working seemlessly on a wide range of popular devices.

In many parts of the world, a smartphone is a person's only access to the internet. By providing a fully functional mobile UI, we made sure no customers were left behind.

We optimized performance and removed dead code to keep the app as lean as possible.

Throughout the process, we continuously found ways to improve app performance, such as refactoring components and replacing deprecated libraries.

User analytics showed dramatic improvements in key engagement metrics.

We saw a dramatic increase in transactions completed on mobile, as well as a significant drop in bounce rate across all customer touch points.