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Reimagining a legacy ed-tech platform
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User research, UX design, Visual design system, Full stack development, Content management system

Modernizing a classic SaaS platform
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User research, UX design, Visual design system, Full stack development, Content management system

Bringing a small business into the digital age
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User research, UX design, Visual design system, Full stack development, Content management system

Empowering better decision-making in schools
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User research, UX design, Visual design system, Full stack development, Content management system

Revolutionizing equity training through innovation
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User research, UX design, Visual design system, Full stack development, Content management system

Modernizing an established brand
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User research, UX design, Visual design system, Full stack development, Content management system

Working with Reid Software has become a true partnership. Their leadership team takes personal ownership of our project, proactively introducing innovative ideas, and always remains receptive to feedback. Their commitment results in rapid turnarounds and consistent quality in product design and development.

Dr. Julie S. Owens
Co-Founder, Center for Intervention Reasearch in Schools
Ohio University



  • Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • User Experience (UX) Audit
  • Product Roadmap
  • Customer Journeys
  • Digital transformation
  • Innovation


  • Branding and Identity
  • Visual Design Systems
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Wireframing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Content production


  • Fullstack Development
  • System Architecture
  • React/Angular/Vue
  • APIs and Systems Integration
  • Database
  • Content Management Systems
  • Cloud Infrastructure

AI Integrations

  • Prompt Engineering
  • Trends Analysis
  • Chatbot Development
  • Content Production
  • System Integration
  • Production Efficiency
  • Ideation


We pride ourselves on offering varied services that are specifically tailored to accommodate your unique business needs, including strategy, product design, full-stack development, and AI integrations.

We workshop digital strategies that serve as blueprints towards reaching your business goals. Our team assesses your company's standing, studies the industry landscape, and then constructs a robust plan to boost your digital presence and maximize growth potential. Strategy formulation, risk management, value communication, and digital positioning are the cornerstones of this service.

We also provide product design services. This involves creating user-centric designs that not only look great but also work efficiently. Our team focuses on understanding your customer demographic in depth to create a product that resonates with them on a functional and emotional level, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience. From ideation, prototyping, to final design, we strive to ensure your digital product is intuitive, visually engaging, and scalable.

Whether you require development for a website, mobile application, or any custom software, our expert developers are proficient in multiple coding languages and development frameworks. We work hard to ensure that your digital product is developed to the highest standard, incorporating the latest trends and technologies to secure a competitive edge in your market.

Our team also specializes in leading comprehensive digital transformations. Recognizing the rapid pace at which technology evolves, we understand that it's imperative for businesses to adapt and transform their digital infrastructure accordingly. We guide you through every step of this transformation, ensuring an efficient transition of all business processes to the digital platform without disrupting your existing workflow.

Lastly, we offer AI integrations as part of our innovative solutions. Realizing the vital role AI plays in modern businesses, our team is fully equipped to integrate AI applications into your systems to enhance efficiency and productivity, provide personalized customer experiences, and streamline business processes. By leveraging the power of AI, we can help you harness the full potential of your data and augment decision-making abilities to achieve unprecedented levels of success.

A key differentiator is the direct involvement of our leadership team in every project. Our leaders are hands-on, working closely with the rest of the team and our clients, ensuring every stage of the process is aligned with the client's overall objectives and vision.

Communication and transparency are pillars of our operational ethos. We maintain regular, open communication with our clients, reporting on progress and addressing concerns promptly and transparently. We strongly believe that solid, transparent communication helps to prevent misunderstandings and fosters a productive working environment that benefits all parties involved.

Our team consists of skillful designers and expert developers who work synergistically to create innovative, user-friendly, and high-performing software solutions. Starting from strategy and product design to development, each stage is handled meticulously to ensure the final product aligns with project objectives and client expectations.

We provide scalable, future-proof solutions that can adapt and evolve with your business needs. As digital transformation takes center stage in business strategies, we hold the expertise to integrate AI into various software solutions for futuristic, innovative service delivery.

All these factors combined ensure our clients receive customized, efficient, and versatile software solutions, establishing Reid Software as a unique and impactful player in the software solutions industry.

Digital transformation refers to the process of integrating digital technology into all areas of a business. It’s a comprehensive shift of organizations from their traditional methods of operation to modern and innovative digital ones. This process involves changing the way a company operates and delivers value to its customers. It's also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure.

When implemented effectively, digital transformation has a plethora of benefits for your business. It can improve efficiency, enhance customer experience, increase profitability, encourage innovation, and provide you with a competitive edge in the marketplace. Moreover, it allows you to gain better insights from your data, helping you make more informed decisions. Ultimately, it empowers your business to meet the changing digital expectations of customers and employees, thereby driving growth and increasing sustainability.

The cost of building an app can vary greatly depending on a multitude of factors. These include the complexity and size of the app, the platforms it will run on (iOS, Android, web, etc.), the need for ongoing maintenance and updates, and the specifics of the functionality desired. If your app needs custom design, has numerous features or requires advanced technical integrations, costs can increase significantly.

Because of these variables, we don't have a one-size-fits-all pricing model. We prefer to gain a deep understanding of your specific requirements and goals before providing a quote. This ensures that you only pay for the necessary work and that we can provide the most value for your investment. Kindly reach out to our team at for a personalized consultation and quote.

Yes, absolutely. Our digital agency is well-equipped to assist you in redesigning your B2B or enterprise software. Leveraging our comprehensive services such as strategy formulating, product design, development, digital transformation, and AI integrations, we can drive significant enhancements in your software's user experience, performance, and functionality.

We specialize in crafting intuitive and user-friendly digital products that meet contemporary business needs and deliver vital competitive advantages. With our proficient team and strategic approach, we ensure the delivery of a seamlessly redesigned software product that surpasses your expectations.