We learn about your users through design research

Before we build anything, we conduct research about your customers and the problems that need solving. This knowledge serves as a catalyst to encourage innovation and fuels the creation of practical solutions.

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Research insights

Successful projects start with insightful research

Research creates an important foundation of knowledge that empowers our team to find innovative solutions for your project. It allows us to narrow down our assumptions about your users, and ultimately leads to solving problems faster.

Research Methodology

Research doesn't have to take forever or cost a lot

We believe that useful insights can be quickly gained by combining a variety of research methods based on the needs of your project. We conduct usability testing on existing products to better understand user pain points. We analyze competitors to see what is working and where they fall short, and we conduct stakeholder interviews to better understand your business and goals for the project.


Developing a plan for success

Once our initial research phase is complete, we synthesize what we have learned. We provide you with a market report, an outline of the most common user stories, and a clear plan of action for the UX and Product Design phase of the project.

Happy clients

"Reid's outstanding contributions to the team and project are far more valuable than just software development. His team regularly participates in brainstorming, project architecture, operations planning and helping us better understand our users."

Steven Evans, Ph.D.


Center for Intervention Research in Schools

Ohio University